Essential Career Development Skills Program

Essential Career Development Skills
  • Average Length :

    2 weeks per course

  • Effort :

    6 hours per week

  • Number Of Courses :

    1 Course in program

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The importance of values, ethics and integrity; guiding principles that should be taken into account in order to emerge as an effective driving force for your employer.

Understanding the relationship between professional excellence and emotional intelligence, using these qualities to support career growth and advancement.Benefiting from human resources experts to identify personal characteristics enjoyed by distinguished staff and team members.

How to strengthen your motivation, manage your time and use networking in order to increase the benefits of available material/human resources. Benefits of the pursuit of continuous learning and developing cultural sensitivity, in order to gain self-awareness and the ability to adapt.

Strategies for strengthening the skills related to negotiation, dealing with others, e-mail and telephone communication need to increase the impact of interactions.


Are you ready to discover the secrets of excellent work ethics that will help you draw the attention of others to your skills as a leader and influential member of the team?

Many of us believe that we are well aware of business ethics, but in fact there is more to know and explore in this area, going beyond merely the ability to present ourselves to others and hold a conversation.

Although first impressions are very important in the professional world, maintaining your serious professional image is the basic element that enables you to develop and make achievements in your job.

Lectures, tests and training materials will be used to refine the fluency of participants in professional development skills.

Topics covered include :

Draw upon the expertise of specialists in the field of human resources and recruiting to recognize the features enjoyed by employees who were able to have an impact on employers.

Explain and discuss a diverse range of appropriate guidelines, strategies, and advice to help you master a wide range of ethics in your work environment.


An open mind and a willingness to try new things.