Job Hunting

Job Hunting
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    1 weeks per course

  • Effort :

    6 hours per week

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    1 Course in program

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How to develop your strengths; make strong impressions when meeting with employers and during interviews, and how to negotiate a job offer. Explore the power of networking and the main strategies to draw the attention of key employers in your field. Identify the location of opportunities and how to access them through different channels.


Join this course to get introduced to the most effective tactics to improve your employment prospects. The course will offer you with the steps that you can employ to land your dream job. You will learn how to find and apply for job openings, whether in person or via the Internet.

Are you at a loss when it comes to how to start your job search? Are you looking for the right position? The journey to find a job is a difficult process, you may become bored and frustrated, and it may be the last thing you want to do, especially if you have yet to achieve any tangible results.


Creating a strong personal brand to display to employers the value you will add. An open mind and willingness to try new things.