Six Steps To Success

Six Steps To Success
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    2 weeks per course

  • Effort :

    6 hours per week

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    1 Course in program

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What is success? What is the difference between success and happiness? Why are we often afraid of changing ourselves? How to understand ourselves in a better way? What are some practical steps to change one-self? What do we mean be learned helplessness and how can we deal with it? What are the elements of proper planning? What are the dimensions of balance in life? What do we mean by sound time management? What is the relationship between the principle of respect and success in life? How would the development of mental strength help you on the path to success?


The Course covers six dimensions of success. Positive thinking, proper planning and those dimensions relate to having the will for change, balance in life as well as the relationship with others based on respect and having a role model.

This training explains the differences between success and happiness and their inter-dependencies. This training presents skills related to self-development leading to success. Unlike other training tackling the same topic, this course is based on an understanding of working culture referring to success stories attempting to tackle some impediments to success that might be present in this culture.


Willingness to implement practices that lead to success in life and at work.